Non-Sequiturs: 08.11.08

* The Bear Stearns implosion: a permanent employment act for lawyers? [Dealbreaker]
* Lawsuit of the Day? Even the kickback-receiving Milberg Weiss plaintiffs could establish actual injury. [McGuireWoods (first item)]
* Could judicial hottie Amy St. Eve (N.D. Ill.) someday warm the bench at SCOTUS? [WSJ Law Blog]
* “Cox TV President In S&M Divorce Trial.” [Gawker]
* Blawg Review #172 — with an Olympics theme, appropriately enough. [Ohio Employer’s Law Blog via Blawg Review]
* Old news (from March), but just to close the loop on this story: the lawyer and mother seeking a bone marrow donor has found one, thanks to Rihanna (mentioned as a possible running mate for Paris Hilton). Thanks to all the ATL readers who made efforts to donate. [People]

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