Morning Docket

Morning Docket 09.22.08

lord of war.gif* Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will be converted into traditional bank holding companies. With all the turmoil in the financial services industry, some attorneys think in-house is the new outhouse and are running back to law firm employment. [National Law Journal]

* “Merchant of Death”/ “Lord of War”/ Russian-guy-who-loves-selling-guns faces extradition hearing in Thailand for U.S. terrorism charges. [CNN]

* Kirkland & Ellis partner sues his wife, her alleged lover, and her dad for giving him herpes. [New York Post]

* There Will Be Blood in the trial of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens. In a matter of speaking. Big oilman to testify in corruption case against Stevens. [New York Times]

* Prison escapee and Purpose Driven Life convert Brian Nichols is finally going on trial in Atlanta. Perhaps they should let him sell his story and use the proceeds to pay off all the debt he’s racked up for the Georgia legal system. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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