Non-Sequiturs: 10.27.08

buddy jesus.JPG* Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli of Patterson, NJ apparently told his flock not to vote for Obama. If a priest speaks to Northeastern Catholics, and it is neither Christmas nor Easter, does he make a sound? [TaxProf Blog]

* New York City raised the fine on people who refuse to pick up after their dog for the first time in 30 years. The fine now stands at $250. The fine should be $1,000 and your neighbors being allowed to poop in your shoes for a week. [Animal Law Blog]

* Salient advice disabusing 1Ls from the notion that they will get a Biglaw job.

[Build a Solo Practice]

* Hang-overs should be unconstitutional as against public policy. [Foggy Monocle]

* This is the time of year when intelligent life forms migrate to warmer climes. Blawg Review is an intelligent life form. [UCL Practitioner via Blawg Review]

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