November 2009

  • Deferral Stipend, Holidays and Seasons, Parties

    Holiday Party Invites: Are Deferred Associates on the List?

    Earlier this month, we asked you if holiday parties were still on this year. Many people said that they were, albeit more subdued than the halcyon days of yore. But one deferred associate had this question: Aside from the question of which firms may be abandoning their holiday parties this year, it would be interesting […]

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  • Associate Bonus Watch 2009, Bonuses, Money, Willkie Farr

    Associate Bonus Watch: Willkie Matches Cravath and Full-Cravath

    Bonus season is now in full swing. Sources report that Willkie Farr has announced bonuses that match the Cravath scale. Here’s the breakdown: From: The Executive CommitteeTo: ASSOCIATES – NY; ASSOCIATES – DCCc: PARTNERS – FIRMWIDESent: Fri Nov 20 11:11:01 2009Subject: 2009 Associate Bonuses The Executive Committee is pleased to announce the following year-end bonuses […]

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  • Fantasy SCOTUS

    Fantasy SCOTUS: Predictions for Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

    * Reaction to Full-Cravath’s (f.k.a. Skadden) bonus continues to ripple through the blogosphere. [ABA Journal] * Details continue to leak out about a merger between Hogan & Hartson and Lovells. Apparently, Ho-Love will retain separate profit pools for the two sets of partners. [The BLT: Blog of the Legal Times] * Junior Gotti is so […]

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  • Student Loans

    UCLA Protest Follow Up: On The Ground at UCLA Law

    Earlier today, we reported that protests over the proposed tuition hike at UCLA got a bit testy. But we also noted that the protests didn’t seem to include a lot of law students, even though their tuition is going through the roof as well. One friend had this apathetic response when asked about the protests: […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs 11.19.09

    * The Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t care about black people. [WSJ Blog] * Thank God for Brian Leiter. Here’s what the Super Lawyers rankings look like, adjusted for class size, not adjusted for U.S. News Top-14 status. Now I can comfortably say, HLS to #1! [Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports] * Sometimes I park, […]

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    If You Got Married in Texas in the Last Few Years, Are You Really Married?

    That’s the news we’re hearing out of Austin today. When Texas added a constitutional amendment in 2005 banning gay marriage, it may have actually banned all marriage, says attorney general candidate (and former Vinson & Elkins partner) Barbara Ann Radnofsky. Fort Worth Star Telegram broke the story. Slate sums it up: A Houston lawyer who […]

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  • Associate Bonus Watch 2009

    Breaking: Skadden Bonuses Are Out … And Not Very Exciting

    Skadden has decided to match the Cravath scale. Here’s the scale: 2008 — $7,500 2007 — $10,000 2006 — $15,000 2005 — $20,000 2004 — $25,000 2003 — $30,000 2002 — $30,000 With Skadden and Cravath on the same page, the rest of this bonus season might be devoid of any real drama. Associates will […]

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  • Blogging

    Making a Vulgar Comment Now Gets You Fired?

    As an editor of Above the Law, I find the headline below amusing. As a commenter on Above the Law, some of you will find the headline terrifying. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: A single vulgar word cost a man his job on Friday. Well, that’s putting way too nice of a spin on it. […]

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  • Barack Obama, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Politics

    Obama: Starting to Get the Hang of This Whole ‘Prejudging’ Thing

    President Obama seems to have made up his mind about the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed circus trial that will be coming to a New York courthouse near you. The Associate Press reports (gavel bang: ABA Journal): Obama, in a series of TV interviews during his trip to Asia, said those offended by the legal rights accorded […]

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  • Student Loans

    UCLA Students Protest Fee Hikes

    A tipster just sent in this video from UCLA: Berkeley students, take note. That is how you cause a ruckus. The AP reports: About 200 demonstrators are chanting and marching around a UCLA building where University of California regents are scheduled to vote on a 32 percent fee increase for next year. Protesters from several […]

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  • Crime, Lawsuit of the Day, Money

    Is it Illegal Not to Tip?

    Somewhere Mr. Pink is smiling. The Express-Times reports: Moravian College senior Leslie Pope and John Wagner, a Lehigh University graduate student, were handcuffed and transported from the Lehigh Pub to Bethlehem police headquarters Oct. 23 after failing to pay a mandatory 18 percent gratuity. Pope and Wagner, members of a party of eight during happy […]

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  • Rankings

    Northwestern Law Adjusts Super Lawyers Rankings and Is Pleased with Itself

    A couple of days ago, we mentioned the new Super Lawyers Law School Rankings. The list ranks law schools by their number of Super Lawyer alumni. At the time, we noted that a potential flaw with the magazine’s methodology was that it is just looking at raw numbers. The rankings aren’t adjusted for class size. […]

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  • Allen & Overy, Magic Circle, Outsourcing

    British Firms Catch Outsourcing Fever

    It appears that Magic Circle firms have fallen in love with outsourcing. Most American associates will hope that like Mad Cow disease, the outsourcing craze stays on English side of the ocean. The Lawyer reports: Allen & Overy (A&O) has become the first magic circle firm to outsource legal work as an increasing number of […]

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  • Morning Docket

    Morning Docket 11.19.09

    * Duke law grad Stanley Hilton, 60, sues San Francisco Airport (and some 500 others) for $15 million for ruining his life. The airport noise, which sounds like “bombs dropping in a war zone,” caused his marriage and career to fall apart, he alleges. [San Mateo County Times via San Francisco Chronicle] * The Ninth […]

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  • Boalt Hall, Student Loans

    Berkeley Law Students, How Did the ‘Not Ironic’ Strike Go?

    Yesterday, we told you that big tuition hikes could be coming to schools in the University of California system. But we didn’t know that Berkeley students had a plan to do something about it. They’re going out on strike! With university workers who want a raise! Or something! Hey, it’s the Berkeley way. When they […]

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  • Non-Sequiturs

    Non-Sequiturs: 11.18.09

    * In Tennessee you can run for elected office under a fake name. I predict “Jack Daniels” will be Tennessee’s next Governor. [Young Lawyers Blog] * Kash did some research on what search terms people use to find us. The results are disturbing. [True/Slant] * Some companies just don’t like the U.S. court system. [Going […]

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    1L’s Promising Pundit Career Cut Short Because of Harvard Law Finals?

    Jeremy Haber’s star rose and and fell before we had a chance to draft a post. Haber is a first year student at Harvard Law School and recently made the finals in the Washington Post’s “America’s Next Great Pundit” contest. From the Harvard Crimson via ABA Journal: Jeremy L. Haber, a first year student at […]

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