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Judge of the Day: Donald Jackson

donald jackson.jpgWhen Judge Donald Jackson enters a courtroom, the bailiffs may ask that “all kneel” instead of rise. The Texas county judge has been found guilty of offering to help a woman accused of DWI if she was willing to serve time in the bedroom.
From the Dallas Morning News:

A 28-year-old woman charged with driving while intoxicated accused Jackson of offering her a better court-appointed attorney if she’d agree to a romantic relationship. A jury found Jackson guilty Friday of official oppression.

Photos of the criminal temptress in a video after the jump.
Judge Mark Kent Ellis told Jackson, “We are all tarnished by your stupidity.” Then Judge Ellis gave him a sentence that he “wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.” What’s that?

County jail. From MyFox Houston:

Last week, Jackson was found guilty of official oppression after being accused of offering to drop a charge against 27-year-old Venegas in exchange for a sexual relationship. He was given two years probation, 30 days in the county jail, and a $4,000 fine in the punishment phase of a trial against him.
Judge Ellis also suspended Judge Jackson from the bench based on a previous precedent.
“I would not wish county jail on my worst enemy, but you earned it by your reckless conduct,” said Ellis to Jackson in court on Monday.

Gavel bang for this attempted gavel bang: ABA Journal.
Photos of the temptress and Jackson’s allegations of a political conspiracy here:

Houston judge gets jail for wooing defendant [Dallas Morning News]
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