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The PC Police Ride Strong at Northwestern

northwestern law school.gifIt’s exam time. As we all know, stressed out law students tend to have colorful phrases about difficult exams. There’s a common, sometimes sexually charged vernacular. “That exam raped me,” or “I made property my bitch,” are things you’re likely to hear on campus around this time.
Well, the Student Bar Association at Northwestern University School of Law wants students to watch their language this exam period.
After the jump, check out the warning Northwestern students received from their student representatives.

Apparently, making vulgar comments about law school exams makes the Northwestern SBA a sad panda. Here’s the pertinent part of their email to law students:

In recognition of that diversity and collegiality, our Dean’s Statement on Community makes it clear that we, as the standard bearers of the legal profession, are to be mindful and respectful of each other’s varied experiences, and, at a minimum, refrain from the “unthinking use of stereotypes and engaging in humor at the expense of community members”, irrespective of the context in which the words are uttered (whether it be in an intellectual debate or in casual discourse).

Therefore, to be clear, saying things like “that’s so gay”, “that exam raped me”, or any racial or sexual epithet, are inappropriate and unacceptable. Accordingly, we ask that every student be cognizant of the critical role you play in maintaining NUSL’s vibrant diverse, collegial and supportive student culture and refrain from using such language.

Emphasis in original.
What do you guys think of that?
I’m all for tolerance and respect. But is this taking the whole “speech police” thing a little too far?

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