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Congratulations to Elizabeth Wurtzel!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Wurtzel! The celebrated writer, who now works at Boies Schiller, just passed the New York bar exam. (As we noted earlier, February bar exam results for New York were released today.)

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From her Twitter feed:

There has been debate in these pages over whether Wurtzel, who graduated from Yale Law School but did not pass the bar until now, can refer to herself as a lawyer. With the bar exam behind her, Wurtzel is one step closer to putting this debate to rest — and getting business cards.

Granted, Wurtzel still has to pass the “character and fitness” assessment — but we wouldn’t expect C&F to be a problem for her. Wurtzel has led a colorful life, but she has been more than forthcoming about everything — and everyone, and every controlled substance — that she has done. If she comes clean and discloses all — e.g., by handing her interviewer a stack of her books and other collected writings — we expect that she’ll get the green light.

Once again, congratulations Lizzie!

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