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Earlier this week, we ran an open thread how people are doing on their hours. We also had a survey asking people to tell us how many hours they are on track for. We received strong reader participation in the poll, but there was a flaw in the survey. According to commenters:

elie. you need to leave an option to “view results” w/o checking. Law students and others will be interested in this, but will have to choose a selection to view results….

Well, I assumed that law students would just wait until the today’s follow up post since I clearly stated I would do one:

I just checked the category that includes 0 hours to view the results, so the stats are skewed. FAIL!!!

Have you ever heard of a little thing called patience? Can we please act like adults?


In house.

GOD. Fine. I screwed up. Sorry for expecting readers to exhibit a modicum of restraint and not click on a poll to which they didn’t have an answer.

With the caveat that the numbers for the “less than 1600” category are skewed by people who couldn’t wait two days for the follow up, the results of the survey appear below…

People seem to be billing more this year compared to last year:

And some commenters feel particularly good about their ability to bill in this environment:

With the way business is going right now, if you’re not on pace to bill over 2400, you’re just not trying.

Ah, that sounds like the Biglaw I remember.

Of course, everything isn’t exactly back to normal:

I can answer this question anecdotally- all my personal stuff in my office sits in two canvas bags ready to carry out to my car at a moment’s notice.

But it does appear that some of the normal billing incentives are coming back into play:

I would likely be on track for about 1700, rather than the 1300 I am shooting for, if I gave a hot damn about my firm. I was going to quit and become a postman, but then I decided it’d be better to take a paycheck for a while and let them fire me. I gotta say, life is much sweeter now.

Nice, last year people were too scared about the economy to mail it in. This year, maybe people are starting to feel like they’ll be able to get a new job if they get sh**canned from Biglaw.

The summer is upon us. Hopefully all you heavy billers will get some time off. If you’re slow, maybe it’s time to get to work?

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