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Albie Manzo v. Seton Hall Law School?

Real Housewives of New Jersey son Albie Manzo may be slow, but he’s determined. He flunked out of Seton Hall law school, but he still wants his law degree, and met with a lawyer in the show’s last episode to figure out how he can get it.

Manzo says that the culprit behind his poor law school performance — reflected in his GPA of 1.9 — is a learning disability that causes him to take three times as long as normal people to absorb information. Some may question whether LDs and JDs go together. Said one ATL commenter:

If he has a learning disability, he really shouldn’t be a lawyer. It takes him three times as long to absorb information? Are clients going to be ok with paying him three times as much to get something done? The legal professions is a skilled profession and requires a certain amount of intellect. If one doesn’t have the required intelligence, then it is not right for them… it would be like making exceptions and giving special treatment so ugly people can be supermodels.

But his mom told him he should go for it anyway, become an attorney, “and show Seton Hall the mistake they made.” In the show’s last episode, Manzo met with a lawyer who told him he needs a letter from the school attesting to the fact that they made a mistake. Otherwise, Manzo has to wait two years to reapply to law school….

Here’s a recap from the Star Ledger:

In other, far more boring, storylines, Albie Manzo meets with his lawyer to discuss getting shown the door at Seton Hall Law School. Apparently after getting dismissed from law school, you have to wait two years before applying anywhere else, and Albie doesn’t want to wait. The lawyer says it looks like Seton Hall didn’t give him the help he requested, so they should ask the school for a letter that allows him to apply elsewhere.

This is news to us. There’s a two-year probation period for law students who fail out? Good thing there’s no such policy for the bar exam.

And here’s a recap from one of our readers:

In the last episode, they showed him consulting an attorney. At the end of the meeting, they agreed that they would demand that his original school write a letter stating that they believe he would be successful at another law school. I found the whole thing laughable and would love to see some follow-up on why his lawyer think she has any grounds to demand anything after he flunked out of school.

“Demand” may actually translate to “politely ask while offering up a sizable donation to the school.”

You can watch the full episode on Bravo’s site (Season 2, Episode 10). At the 9:34 (remaining) mark, Manzo describes the meeting with his lawyer.

“I don’t have any interest in getting into some big legal battle,” he says — he just wants to get back into law school. “I am my mother’s son. I am not a pussy…. I’m going to keep fighting until I get what I want.”

Assuming he gets his letter and gets into a new law school, we hope he will fight for better grades. Gawker, for one, doesn’t approve of Manzo’s plan:

Other than the fight stuff, we had our beautiful griffin god Albie dealing with his shameful law school problems. Well, they’re not that shameful, mostly because he’s managed (or tried, at least) to flip the script and make it all the school’s fault.

He went to his lawyer and laid out his case, saying that his learning disability had been ignored and discounted, that he was the victim of so very much. Caroline was so proud of him! … Albie has a bit of a persecution complex when it comes to law school! How about that. For all of his honeycomb good looks and that goopy caramel smear of a smile, Albie feels embarrassed, which then makes him act cornered and insulted. He went to speak with his lawyer about getting kicked out of school for bad grades.

Oh, Albie. What are we to make of you after that? What are we to think when you later say “I’m no pussy.” (You are allowed to say this on Bravo now?) Shouldn’t one accept the fact that one couldn’t hack it at Seton Hall and got asked to leave because of bad grades, rather than seeing a lawyer and blaming the learning disorder? If you blame it now, you’re going to have to blame it for the rest of your life. Do you really want those water buckets on your shoulders? I think not, my dear crème brûlée prince (all eggy and hard on the outside).

If this plan to become his family’s consigiliere doesn’t work out, maybe Manzo can just marry one into the family, by snagging a hot litigatrix on Millionaire Matchmaker.

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