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Temple Law Wants Its Alumni to Work on a ‘Lunch Truch’

Here at Above the Law, we sometimes write about career alternatives for lawyers. We’ve noticed a trend: former lawyers turning to the food service industry. But no, they’re not serving overpriced scones at Starbucks — they’re selling cupcakes out of trucks.

As it turns out, working at a cupcake truck can be a lucrative career. In the past, we’ve profiled several successful lawyers with mobile cupcakeries, like Lev Ekster, Sam Whitfield, and Kate Carrara.

And Temple Law School has apparently caught on to the fact that a lawyer can rake in the dough as a baker, so they’ve posted an exciting job opportunity on their Career Planning Manager. See what’s cooking, after the jump….

Temple Law wants its alumni to work on a “lunch truch.” Man, Skadden doesn’t even have a “lunch truch.” Here’s the job listing that made several of our tipsters cringe:

One source griped, “Can’t we at least be lunch trucK employees?”

Here’s our gripe: after a merger with another Temple Law grad’s cupcake mobile, can’t the lawyers behind “Legal Lunchs” learn how to spell the name of their business? That, or someone in the Temple Law career services office needs to learn how to pluralize nouns ending in “ch.”

But with so many 2011 grads searching for employment, it looks like a cushy $9 an hour job like this one has a short life span. The “Legal Lunchs” job was posted on August 30, and it was removed yesterday, on August 31.

Someone must have sent in a killer cupcake recipe as their writing sample.

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