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An Inside Look at the Skadden Annual Review Process

(2009 rating was “Exceptional”): 2010 rating – [ ].
Chargeable Hours: 2,035 actual hours in 2009; 1,325 actual YTD hours through 10/31/10.
Docket: ANTITRUST BRO is the senior associate on the [redacted] price fixing matters as well as on various [redacted] matters.
Evaluations: [Three partners] provided evaluations. [Two partners] believe ANTITRUST BRO has improved at a rate at or above that expected for an associate at his class level and that he “exceeds expectations” in virtually every category. [Two partners] believe ANTITRUST BRO is performing above class level and are eager to work with him again. [One partner] rated ANTITRUST BRO’s work “outstanding” on an interim review.
[Partner #1]: “ANTITRUST BRO continues to excel. ANTITRUST BRO has effectively managed the [redacted] case on a day-to-day basis and drafted motion papers on behalf of the entire defense group that led to the case being substantially narrowed.” He calls ANTITRUST BRO a “strategic thinker, great writer . . . deft in dealing with both the client and co-counsel.”
[Partner #2]: “ANTITRUST BRO is a terrific lawyer” who is “very well rounded.” He “writes well (he wrote the reply brief in [redacted] virtually on his own and negotiated comments with co-counsel by himself.)” He is “smart – [redacted] really likes him and he gets direct calls for advice from the client has matured into a first rate outstanding lawyer.”
[Partner #3]: “ANTITRUST BRO is an excellent associate, basically running the [redacted] litigation and drafting excellent briefs.”
Weaknesses: [One partner] noted that ANTITRUST BRO has “No weaknesses; just needs more experience (depositions, courtroom time).”
Additional Training: No comments.
Partnership Potential: [Partner #1]: “Very strong partnership potential (assuming we have economic justification).” [Partner #2]: “Definitely has partnership potential” so long as we continue to provide him opportunities (e.g., court appearances) to develop his skills.
Review Message:
Upward Feedback Report: ANTITRUST BRO received very high marks for management skills, professional development/mentoring, and teamwork, better than the antitrust group or firm average. Associates call ANTITRUST BRO an “excellent mentor” who “is an excellent leader and team player” with “top-notch” attention to detail. “His comments are always insightful.”
Associate’s Career Development Plan: Not completed.

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