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Size Matters: Mr. Small

Like any well-adjusted adult, I blame my parents for all of my problems. You should too, at least when it comes to your name. For instance, if your parents named you Candy, then they ensured that you would become a stripper. Similarly, if your parents named you Stanley, then you were destined to become a tool.

There are a few exceptions where the name chosen by your parents guarantees that you will be a success. For example, if your parents named you “Valerie,” you were destined to become a star.

The luckiest of all, for our purposes at least, are those chosen few with the last name Small….

Small Is Beautiful (affiliate link)

First, you are guaranteed to come up on a Google search for small law firm. Second, your name says it all. I mean, how much clearer can you get than Mr. Small’s Small Firm?

And you can have fun with marketing, too. Take, for example, the Law Offices of Charles E. Small. The website for this immigration firm is able to take advantage of the phrase “small world.”

Or check out the law firm of Christian & Small. The firm is able to play up its name such that we believe they are “nonstop advocates” who are committed to community. How cool would it be if all of the attorneys that worked at the small firm were actually Christian?

Last week, I was walking around San Francisco looking for a cookie. I saw a sign for Baker & Sweet. I sprinted towards the building, only to find that it was an insurance office. These guys should take a cue from the Smalls out there.

Know any other small firm lawyers with the last name Small? Or small firm lawyers with funny names? Email me.

When not writing about small law firms for Above the Law, Valerie Katz (not her real name) works at a small firm in Chicago. You can reach her by email at and follow her on Twitter at @ValerieLKatz.

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