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Non-Sequiturs: 05.16.12

Elie, back at the law firm.

* Associates should assume that making partner is like rising up in a drug organization. And really, who wouldn’t want to work at New Jack LLP? [Litigation & Trial]

* Wait, Justice Souter has a “secret” Citizens United dissent? That sounds cool. Utterly useless, but pretty cool. [Slate]

* The American Constitution Society’s National Convention is this June. I’ll be speaking there this year, and moderating the “(Law) Degrees of Separation: Different Ways to Put Your J.D to Work.” If you want to join, Early registration ends tomorrow. [ACS 2012]

* Signs that your firm is in trouble? How about if your firm name can be made into endless puns on ATL? I Cleary have one firm in my sights. [Greedy Associates]

* I always kind of picture Matt Taibbi stomping around outside of Goldman Sachs like Achilles standing outside of Troy yelling, “Hector.” [Rolling Stone]

* Isn’t it about time for Ashley Dupré to have sex with somebody else now? [Dealbreaker]

* You got to give it up to Chris Christie, the man does have a sense of humor….

Also cool, Cory Booker:

(hidden for your protection)

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