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Texas Hires Another Yankee To Run Its Law School


Dear students,

I write with a heavy heart to inform you that, as you may have already heard, I will soon be departing our school to become the next dean of the law school at the University of Texas. By sending this message to all of you, I do not mean to make this seem to be an overly big deal; some of you have never met me and never would have (sadly for me!), in which case this development will be of little consequence. But I do know many of you, and I care about all of you, so I wanted to write.

Faculty leave their schools for lots of reasons — some because they are not content where they are, and some because they see something elsewhere that they must do. I am strictly in the second camp. I am very attached to this law school, and haven¹t been looking to go elsewhere; indeed, you may have noticed that our faculty rarely leave. But I have been diagnosed with an unusual genetic disorder that causes me to enjoy administrative work, so the opportunity to try my hand at being a dean was impossible to pass up.

I will carry with me the warmest feelings for all of you and for the school. This place is marked by an intense culture of commitment to teaching and to its students generally, and I am proud to have been a part of it for the past fifteen years. To those who have been my students, I will remain ready and available to help you anytime in any way I can, and I look forward to continuing our relationships. To those I haven’t had the pleasure of teaching, I offer my regrets – but my congratulations to you on your membership in this wonderful community. Love it well! It truly is a great place.

With every good wish,

Ward Farnsworth

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