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A Courthouse Bathroom Stall Isn’t the Best Place to Have Sex With a Minor

In the past few months, we’ve had some extensive bathroom coverage here at Above the Law. From bathroom naming rights at prestigious law schools, to proper bathroom etiquette for dropping a deuce at the courthouse, it seemed like the potty humor would never come to an end. But honestly, we never thought that we’d have to talk about having sex in a toilet stall.

But as a man in New Orleans has allegedly proven, sometimes you just need to get down on the floor of the men’s bathroom at the courthouse and plumb a girl’s drain….

23-year-old Roderick Clanton was arrested last week for allegedly having consensual sex with a 15-year-old girl at a criminal courthouse in New Orleans, Lousiana. WWLTV has more information:

The court employee who caught the pair in the act said he went to the men’s bathroom on the first floor and saw two pairs of legs sticking from the bottom of a bathroom stall. He said he went out to get security and sheriff’s deputies responded immediately.

Good Lord, if you’re going to allegedly bang underage chicks, get a motel room — don’t commit a crime in a criminal courthouse. That just makes you look like a complete and utter moron (or a “major idiot” as Gawker so eloquently put it). Seriously, what did Clanton say when he finished up? We imagine it must have been something like, “Oooooh yeaaaaah, justice is served!”

Here’s some video additional video coverage from WWLTV:

A courthouse regular noted that he was disgusted that this had occurred in “the seat of power of justice.” Memo for all lawyers: give your toilet this name immediately.

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