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Rapping California Girl Giving You A Property Primer Before The Bar Exam

California bar, it's unforgettable, somebody pukes, most end on top.

As many of you already know, state bar exams start tomorrow. If you are taking the bar tomorrow, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING ATL??

Just kidding. Relax. It’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.

To get you guys pumped up for the next two or three days, a reader sent us a clip of herself rapping property. If this Hastings student doesn’t make you psyched to take the bar, well, there’s probably never anybody in the history of ever who has been psyched about taking the California bar….

Here’s the clip. Enjoy, and good luck to all our readers this week.

Oh students studying for the bar, so funny. And, you know, manic.

Good luck guys. Let us know if anything crazy happens, like if somebody goes into labor or if animals attack or whatever.

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