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Las Vegas Defense Attorney Busted for Allegedly Busting a Nut — in Jailed Client’s Mouth

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, but when you’re caught on camera with your pants around your ankles, you may experience some difficulty with that used-up, old cliché.

You’d think that attorneys would refrain from whipping it out in jail after learning about the guy who allegedly offered pro boner services to female inmates, but as usual, you’d be wrong. That being said, the next time you absolutely need to get off, you may want to take some advice from our Lawyer of the Day, Curtis Cannon. He’s facing up to four years in prison for allegedly dipping his Cannon balls in a jailed client’s mouth.

Because really, why bother with client service when you can get your clients to service you instead?

Cannon, a defense attorney, was arrested on a felony charge of receiving oral sex from a female client while visiting her at the Clark County Detention Center. Detectives at the jailhouse had apparently installed an undercover camera without audio capabilities to keep tabs on all activities that went on in the visiting room where Cannon and his client met. The Las Vegas Review-Journal has the details:

Curtis Cannon, 58, a member of the State Bar of Nevada since 2007, and his client, Crystal Wallis, 23, were charged with voluntary sexual conduct between a prisoner and another person.

Detectives with the Criminal Intelligence Section of the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Cannon at the Regional Justice Center on Monday and booked him into the detention center, where he was still listed in custody Tuesday afternoon.

Curtis Cannon and Crystal Wallis

Damn, take a look at that age gap. Note that Cannon went to Bring’em Brigham Young University Law School. Also note that for a man of his age, Cannon has remarkable staying power. According to Cannon’s arrest report — which includes all of the lurid allegations — his encounter with Wallis lasted 26 minutes.

Cannon initially denied receiving oral sex from Wallis, but later admitted to it after being interrogated by detectives. Let’s see what else he revealed during questioning:

Cannon told the detectives that he has been on medication and hasn’t had sex with his wife for 14 years and that Wallis wanted to marry him when she got out of jail.

Sorry, Curtis Cannon — that would make a great porn name, by the way — but being trapped in an allegedly sexless marriage isn’t a good enough reason to risk possible arrest. Dude, prostitution is legal in Nevada. If you need a blow job that badly, the Bunny Ranch isn’t that far. Okay, fine, it’s pretty far away, but sometimes you’ve just got to answer desperation’s call when the need arises.

Cannon is due in court today before Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Diana Sullivan. We hope he won’t have any additional candid camera exploits before he comes before the JOP. (That’s what she said?)

P.S. With respect to the joke in this post’s headline, we’re assuming that Wallis had to swallow the evidence.

Lawyer, client arrested on jail sex charge [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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