Non-Sequiturs: 08.22.12

* Bill Cosby is worried that his likeness will be misappropriated after he dies. But it seems to me like the “Pull Your Pants Up Pudding Pops” will be a great use of his name. [Slate]

* Jeremy Peter Green’s definition of legitimate rape is now in the Washington Post. [Washington Post]

* Oklahoma school dress code bars people from wearing the apparel of out of state colleges and universities. This makes sense; the only reason most people live in Oklahoma is because they don’t have the option to live anywhere else. [Legal Blog Watch]

* My only issue with these Gawker unemployment stories is that we don’t know enough about how the people ended up unemployed to begin with. For instance, the “pedigreed lawyer” profiled here claims he lost his job in 2010. But in Biglaw, most of the recession based layoffs occurred in 2009. Sure, maybe the guy was stealth laid off, but there could have been a reason for that beyond the generally poor state of the economy. [Gawker]

* Is maternity leave getting shorter? Or are women trying to “have it all” more amenable to working through maternity leave? I’ll tell you one guy who won’t be working through his paternity leave. [Adjunct Law Prof Blog]

* You know what would be a lot easier than trying to stop “Sweepstakes Cafes”? Legalizing gambling. [WSJ Law Blog]

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