More Pictures From the Above the Law New Year’s Party!

Happy New Year from your ATL editors: David Lat, Staci Zaretsky, and Elie Mystal.

We were pleasantly surprised by how many of you seemed to be interested in the pictures from our New Year’s party, and because we’re gluttons for punishment, we’ve decided to give you some more of what you want. And this time, you’ll have the opportunity to offer your delightful insights and commentary on our pictures.

So without further ado, we present to you some additional party pics for your viewing pleasure….

Since so many of you wanted to know what the ingredients were in our signature cocktails, here’s a closer look at our drink menu. Like many law school applicants who probably don’t belong in law school anyway, most agreed that the TTTea — a fabulously girly version of a standard Long Island Iced Tea — was the best.

(hidden for your protection)

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