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When Getting Ready For Finals, You Should Pray For Heat

Brrr… brrr… brrreach of habitability?

Don’t you think law schools should do everything they can to avoid inconveniencing their students? I do. I’m a a fan of convenience.

I’m also a fan of heat. Heat isn’t just a convenience, it should be a right. Somewhere in the penumbra of the whatever is the right not to freeze your ass off. At the very least, there are some implied warranties running around up in here.

But one law school has decided to inconvenience students by depriving them of heat, just as the kids gear up for finals.

It looks like building maintenance has already failed….

It’d be one thing if we were talking about a warm weather school like Miami (my winner in one bracket) — or if we were talking about a very competitive school where students dying of exposure is just one way to separate the curve.

But we’re talking about BYU Law School. The school is in Utah. In the mountains. At an elevation of 4,500 feet. It’s freaking cold up there, man. Like “oh I might have to eat you to survive the winter” cold.

Here’s the letter BYU Law students received:

Dear Students.

The university will be working on the high temperature water lines for our building starting late Saturday night.

This means that we will have no hot water, and no building heat from Sunday to Wednesday morning.

If you have questions about the outage, please let me know and I will do my best to get back to you.

Looking ahead at the five day forecast for Provo:

Well, I guess it’ll be warm enough without heat.

Still, students are annoyed as they gear up for finals:

Finals at BYU Law begin in three weeks, so this will be a major interruption. It’s probably to be expected though, considering that this hideous building went up in the 70s and not much has changed since.

One hideous 1970s style building, coming up:

That seems open, airy, and pretty damn cold.

Huddle together for warmth, BYU friends. It’s okay. Nothing sinful in that. You like it don’t you. Yeah, baby.

I promise, keep cuddling together like that and the BYU administration will get the heat back on very quickly.

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