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The ‘Law of Irresistible Attraction': Now With More Cleavage!

A fireable offense in Iowa.


Melissa Nelson, the dental hygienist who was fired for being too hot (aka an “irresistible attraction”), in response to Daniel Tosh’s question — “Did you walk out real slutty?” — posed during this week’s episode of Tosh.0 on Comedy Central.

(Nelson, who lost her gender discrimination suit at the Iowa Supreme Court, received a Web Redemption on Tosh.0, where she dressed as a sexy dental assistant. Continue reading to see the clip.)

If you’re not a fan of Daniel Tosh’s humor, you can fast forward to the 2:36 mark on the video:


Apparently this is what happens when you lose your job and your lawsuit in Iowa. Don’t worry, Melissa, we’re sure quite a few doctors would allow you to handle their dental drills after this performance.

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