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Non-Sequiturs: 05.01.13

* We know you’re all excited about the new RANKINGS, but tonight is also the LAST NIGHT to vote for Law Revue finalists. [Above the Law]

* “It’s totally reasonable to spend $75 just for a shot at an unpaid internship,” said no one ever. [Craigslist] UPDATE: The crafty employer took it down already. But they didn’t count on me getting a screenshot and transcribing it. Check it out after the jump!

* Kirkland & Ellis (or any Biglaw firm) handing out advice on women and “work/life balance” should elicit exactly this response. [UChiLawGo]

* Reading Above the Law can make you money. Sure, it’s only by boosting your severance package, but… [A Paralegal’s Life]

* Several law school professors were recruited from prison. So if you’re hoping to get tenure… [Dallas Blog]

* Pirate Bay is still out there hopping around the Caribbean to avoid prosecution. Just like real-life, well, you know. [IBTimes]

* Running over a bicyclist? Accomplishment unlocked for some real-life GTA players. [Legal Juice]

Sports Law Firm Boston Sports Counsel offering Summer Internship (Boston)
Looking to work within professional sports? Boston Sports Counsel, a full service law finn, that represent professional athletes will be looking for one possibly two summer interns. Applicants should expect to help Boston Sports Counsel perform the following tasks:

1) Help recruit potential clients for 2014 and 2015 NlLB Amateur Draft
2) Travel frequently to Cape Cod Baseball Leagues to scout, meet, and evaluate potential draft talent
3) Generate reports on how BSC clients performed the previous evening
4) Research competitive markets to help determine if there are marketing opportunities for BSC clients
5) General client maintainment services
6) General day to day tasks of running a full service law finn
7) General agent assistant services

This internship is designed in an effort to be beneficial for both parties so please come ready, willing and eager to learn.

Applicants should have but are not required to have to following

1) General knowledge of baseball
2) Spanish speaking is a PLUS
3) Their own vehicle is a PLUS
4) If an undergraduate student their degree should be focused to the legal profession
5) Graduate and or Legal Degree is a plus

Internship is non paid, flexible, and will teach you a lot about how sports agency business in terms of how baseball is run. It should be noted that although this internship is non paid applicants who are influential in helping obtain draft I advisor commitments will be receive 1% of all monies received from the draft payment allocation.

Please reply with general question but serious candidates MUST mail a resume, cover letter, and a brief statement of why they hope to spend the Summer with Boston Sports Counsel. There is a $75 application fee, which will be returned to those candidate(s) who are selected. Fee is required in an effort to strengthen the quallty of resumes received. Please send all material to:

Boston Sports Counsel
90 Gainsborough Street
Suite 102E
Boston, MA

(hidden for your protection)

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