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More Evidence That Black People Should Never Defend Themselves: This Time In New York City

If you are black in America, you are not supposed to fight back. Ever. For any reason. Sorry.

If you are white, you can do whatever you want, and if you are Hispanic, you can defend yourself as long as you are defending yourself against a black man. But if you are black, you just need to sit there and take it. Or else you’ll get in trouble. You’ll get shot or arrested. The full force of the police state will be brought down upon you.

That’s the lesson from this weekend. George Zimmerman’s acquittal has gotten all the attention (and I’ve said all I need to say about that), but in New York City this weekend there was another story about the casual, every day, racist junk that black people have to deal with all the time. But this time the black guy defended himself and so, of course, the black guy got arrested…

The New York Post sets the scene for what happens when black people try to have a freaking burrito:

Douglas Reddish, 25, ate with his girlfriend at Benny’s Burritos on Greenwich Ave. on Friday night when the soused stranger knocked into their outdoor table, authorities said.

Reddish steadied him since he lost his footing, cops said. Waiters had been rushing over to shoo him away.

“This n—-r wants to fight me,” the belligerent man roared, cops said.

Then Reddish punched him, cops said.

He fell backwards and landed on the sidewalk. His head smashed against the concrete curb and bled profusely, cops said.

Reddish allegedly went in for another punch but was restrained by employees. That’s when he saw all the blood and ran. He was arrested a short time later and charged with assault.

Of course he was. Violence is never the answer, at least if you’re black. If you’re black and a drunk white guy stumbles into your table and insults you, don’t react or else you’ll get arrested.

You know what really gets me, the sympathy of the burrito patrons was with the drunk racist white man, not the black man who had been peaceably trying to enjoy a meal:

A woman who spoke with the drunken man on the street before he was knocked out said he was upset over his wife leaving him and about his “job at Goldman Sachs.”

“I felt so bad,” she said. “He could hardly walk.”

Awww… poor drunk belligerent white man. Let’s all feel soooo sorry for him and his cracked head.

White people can follow you, harass you, scare you, and insult you, but if you are black, you can’t fight back. That is the law in America in the 19th 21st century.

Man tries to aid drunk, ends up knocking him out after cad calls helper the N-word: cops [New York Post]

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