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Recent Bar Exam Results: Open Thread
Florida, Indiana, Utah — any others?

It’s that time of year again, and people are starting to get very antsy as they await the results of the July 2013 bar examination. While a handful of states have released test takers from their torturous waiting game, other locales will keep bar examinees on pins and needles until November.

We’ve already heard about the results from North Carolina — as usual, the Tar Heel State was the first to get its results out. Speaking of North Carolina, we’ve heard this year’s results were rather ugly. It seems there was about a 10 percent dip in the passage rate this summer, even though no one had to take the bar in the dark. Yikes! Getting back to the results, next in line came Utah (remember when we released the state’s unofficial results?), followed by Florida, and then Indiana.

Let’s talk bar exam results…

Florida’s results were released yesterday, and they are available here. Indiana’s results were released this morning, and they are available here.

While members of Indiana’s Board of Law Examiners stuck to the tried and true method of slapping a PDF file with the results up on the state’s courts website and cackling with glee as test takers struggled to get the page to load, Florida again posted notification of its results on the state Supreme Court’s Twitter feed:

People who passed in Florida excitedly tweeted things like “I’m ready to get to this $$$” and “Let’s get this $$$$$$$.” Well, that’s certainly optimistic. Apparently there’s money and jobs down in Florida that we don’t know about, just waiting to be taken. We suggest you move there, post haste.

Congratulations to those of you who passed. Go out and celebrate! If you didn’t pass, better luck next time (or the time after that, ad infinitum). Either way, we hope you’re someday able to get that $$$$!

For the past two years, we’ve provided readers with an illustrated timeline of what it’s like to take and pass the Florida bar exam (gavel bang: This Is Not That Blog). It’s so popular that we’ve brought it back; check it out over the next few pages. Enjoy!

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