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ATL Holiday Card Contest: The Winner!

With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling on Wednesdays in 2013, it felt like the holiday season lasted forever. Not that we’re complaining — we enjoyed two weeks of relative quiet, and we suspect many of you did as well — but now it’s back to work, as we kick off the first full week of the new year.

One story that kept people engaged over the holiday lull was our fifth annual holiday card contest. Voter participation ran high, with more than 7,688 votes cast for the eight worthy finalists.

Which law firm’s card prevailed? Here’s a hint: it’s the most interesting Biglaw holiday card in the world….

Before we announce the winner, let’s recognize some of the other top entries. Third-place honors go to Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, a perennial contender in our contest (and last year’s runner-up). In its 2013 card, the firm emphasized social media — a sensible move, given its strengths in entertainment, media, and advertising law.

This year’s runner-up was Sutliff & Stout PLLC, a Texas-based personal injury firm. Our contest is really for e-cards, as noted in the contest rules, but we made an exception for Sutliff & Stout given the cleverness of their concept (which you can see here, in PDF form).

Finally, congratulations to the winner of our fifth annual holiday card contest, Akin Gump (which was, I must confess, my personal favorite). You can enjoy their card, a brilliant parody of the Dos Equis ad campaign, over here. The video had to be revised due to a minor kerfuffle with Heineken, parent of Dos Equis, but the editing apparently didn’t impair the card’s popularity. Akin Gump belongs in the law firm holiday card hall of fame: it has been in the finals in all five years of our contest and it won the inaugural card contest, making this its second time in the winner’s circle.

Congrats again to Akin Gump and to all our worthy finalists, and a happy new year to all.

P.S. We didn’t do an honorable mentions story this time around, but if we had, we would have highlighted the following cards (click on each firm’s name to see their card): Hellerman Baretz (timely and topical), Harrison Pensa (multimedia magnificence), Morrison & Foerster (clever and colorful), and Proctor Heyman (commendable commitment to musical motifs).

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