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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: Winter White

Is your office cold? Is your chilly heart in need of thawing? Cuddle up by the fire — or just grab another cup of coffee from the break room — and feel the glow of the winter wedding goodness we have for you this week!

Here are our magnificently impressive, all Ivy-educated lovebirds:

Christy Ely and Peter Tiboris (Columbia, Vows)

Lauren Baer and Emily Meyers (2, Yale, Columbia)

Jacqueline Kelly and Nicholas Moscow (2, Columbia)

Get the scoop on these well-credentialed newlyweds, after the jump….

Christy Ely and Peter Tiboris (Columbia, Vows)
(Buy them a bread and butter plate.)

The Case:
– This couple’s long journey to the altar was the subject of last week’s coveted Vows write-up. They met as undergraduates at Cornell. He was a sophomore on the football team; she was “a studious freshman” (do people actually study at Cornell?). They were a couple throughout college and after graduation, when they both moved to New York. But they broke up when he wanted to get married and she couldn’t commit.
– Too often, Vows columns are cloying, agenda-pushing, or just plain appalling. This one is none of those things. It’s a sweet and honest account of two people who found their way back to each other after a long time. You can’t help but wish them the best.

The Case Against:
– After college, the bride worked as a kindergarten teacher in the Bronx:

It was a challenging time for Ms. Ely, who had always believed that hard work made anything possible, “but no matter how hard I worked as a teacher, a lot of my kids still couldn’t read,” she said, and she took that personally.

So personally that she went to law school (Columbia) and now does securities litigation at WilmerHale. Those illiterate children were the wind beneath her wings!

Lauren Baer and Emily Meyers (2, Yale, Columbia)
(Buy them a menorah.)

The Case:
– Matching sets of Ivy League degrees for this pairing. Bride #1 (left) was magna at Harvard and has a master’s from Oxford (Marshall Scholar) and a law degree from Yale. She works at the State Department. Bride #2 (magna at Brown, JD from Columbia) is a lawyer in the enforcement division of the Federal Election Commission.
– We love the glamour emanating from these two. They remind us of a young Anna Deavere Smith and a pre-plastic-surgery Lara Flynn Boyle.

The Case Against:
– Ah, the FEC enforcement division. That’s the division the government claimed had the power to ban books published by corporations, in our favorite oh-no-they-didn’t SCOTUS oral argument collapse EVER.
– They have six registries.  Six. Registries.

Jacqueline Kelly and Nicholas Moscow (2, Columbia)
(Buy them a cutting board.)

The Case:
– Can’t get enough Columbia Law! This bride and groom met there. She was magna at Cornell; he went to Yale.
– Both are clerking for federal judges, she for Kevin McNulty in the District of New Jersey and he for Valerie Caproni in the Southern District of New York. Until recently, he was clerking for Richard Wesley on the Second Circuit.

The Case Against:
– Federal clerkships don’t usually turn over in January, and people don’t usually clerk for district judges after appellate judges, so the groom’s clerkship situation looks a little strange.

The Verdict:
Team Baer-Meyers’ Yale Law degree (nothing against Columbia, but it ain’t no Yale) gives this couple a slight edge in prestige. But honestly, we adore all three of these couples and offer them our warmest wishes for long marriages and fulfilling careers.

Honorable Mention:
Rachel Hilzinger and Ross Monten (Pepperdine)
Nina Vertlib and Jared Eisenberg (Virginia)
Meredith Small and Scott Wallace (Texas)
Alicia Susser and Adam Epstein (Brooklyn)
Caitlin Homberger and Nicholas Green (South Carolina)
Michelle Yetter and Jeremy Cline (2, Cornell, Paul Hastings, Baker & McKenzie)
Daira Avila and Charbel Barakat (NYU)

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