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Very Prestigious Lawyers Are Selling Themselves To Women For The Highest Price

Lawyers may not lead the most luxurious of lifestyles, but if you’re single and looking, it’s still a profession that will make prospective dates ooh and aah. Most people in the average dating pool think being a lawyer is a road to riches, thus making these eligible bachelors even more appealing.

One non-profit organization decided to take advantage of this allure, and is holding a man auction the week before Valentine’s Day. The event will feature about 50 professional men, and 10 of them are lawyers — very handsome lawyers. The bidding opens at $75, and we bet that some of these lucky gents will be sold for well beyond their hourly billing fees.

So who is the most prestigious piece of lawyerly man meat?

A tipster let us know about the 2014 Singles for Switchboard Annual Bachelor Auction, an event taking place on February 7 at one of Miami’s most prestigious venues. How fitting. Here’s what our informant said:

Just thought you might like to know that this year’s most eligible bachelors in Miami include an AUSA, an AFPD, and a federal law clerk. Seems like a promising trifecta to me.

Ooh la la, we certainly like the sound of that. Check out the slate of lawyers up for grabs (click to enlarge):

Were you able to guess which lawyers had these enviable jobs? We’ll help you out with that.

You may remember Michael G. — aka Mike Garofalo, an AUSA from the Southern District of Florida — from his stint on The Bachelorette. Here’s the federal prosecutor hottie in rare form (drool!):

Next up, we’ve got we’ve got Kash P. — aka Kashyap Patel — an Assistant Federal Public Defender in the Federal Public Defender’s Office of Miami. Kash is a graduate of Pace Law, likes to “wear crazy socks,” and according to the Florida Bar member search, may need to update his bar status. So edgy, ladies!

UPDATE (1:20 P.M.): Shortly after this post was published, Kash P. dropped out of the auction. Even though he was willing to sell himself, we guess he was just too shy for all of the attention. Too bad, so sad.

Last, but not least, we’ve got Brandon G. — aka Brandon Gillard — a law clerk to Judge Marcia Cooke in the Southern District of Florida. Gillard is a graduate of Emory University and Howard Law, and he makes very interesting fashion choices. If the wild shirt is any indication, he’d be fun to go out with on a date:

Which one of these prestigious lawyers would you be most likely to pay for a date with? Take our poll:

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2014 Singles for Switchboard Annual Bachelor Auction [Switchboard]

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