Douchiest Law School Contest

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Over the long holiday weekend, Duke and Harvard duked it out in the ATL Douchiest Law School contest. Though many commenters argued that Duke Law School’s reputation was being unfairly influenced by that of its douchey undergrads, those Duke Law defenders were not persuasive enough to sway voters. Duke triumphed with 55% of the vote.

Duke is the Douchiest Law School!

Who was the star player in this match-up? A Duke Law School grad named Tucker Max. More on him, and a round-up of the choice comments explaining Duke’s douche dominance, after the jump.

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douchiest law school harvard duke.jpgThis is it. The final round of ATL Douche Madness. Harvard Law School and Duke Law School have risen through the U.S. News ranks to fight for the Douchiest Law School crown.
There can be only one.
(See their respective paths to the top, and vote, after the jump. Polls close Tuesday at midnight.)

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This week’s Vows column is a jaw-dropper. Twelve-year-old girl has crush on doorman (“‘He looked like the guy from Tiger Beat,’ she recalled”), stalks doorman for over a decade, and finally marries him. And he’s still the doorman!
Also, don’t miss this Skadden associate’s unorthodox proposal: He had his girlfriend served with a “complaint” while he was in the men’s room.
On to this week’s couples:

1. Florence Davis and Anthony Gooch
2. Alexandra Seggerman and Stephen Poellot
3. Marin Levy and Joseph Blocher Jr.

Read all about this week’s featured newlyweds, after the jump.

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douche.jpgATL Douche Madness continues. This back-to-school special, inspired by, is now down to the Final Four Douches. Nearly 9,000 people voted in the match-ups last round, and more than 9,000 cast votes in the doucheriffic Duke vs. Georgetown contest.
As noted by LEWW, douchage does not necessarily correlate with prestige. In the last round, we saw UVA triumph over Columbia for example.
In our Final Four, we have the #1 and #2 seeds, as ranked by U.S. News, going head to head with two schools tied for the #10 seed.
Check out the match-ups, after the jump. Polls close Thursday night.

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douche.jpgYesterday we brought you ATL Douche Madness, a competition to crown the douchiest law school in the land. This was inspired by’s list of the Top 25 Douchiest Colleges in America.
What is a douche? We know lawyers thrive on precision, but this term resists an exact definition. To paraphrase Justice Stewart, you know a douche when you see a douche. For example, that guy in the photo to the right.
We started the contest with a field of 16 law schools, taken from the top of the latest U.S. News & World report rankings. The first eight match-ups garnered over 7,000 votes each. The field has now been narrowed to the eight douchiest law schools.
Check out the douches, and vote in the next match-ups, after the jump.

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douche.jpgEd. note: Find the latest match-ups here. had a charming feature story this week: The Top 25 Douchiest Colleges. This is one of the few times that Kash’s alma mater – Duke (#2) – managed to beat Lat and Elie’s undergrad institution, Harvard (#4). Duke would have taken the top spot on the list but the GQ editors gave Brown that honor, saying:

Duke’s probably number one. But we’d rather not rank Duke number one at anything.

Since we didn’t have a Back-to-School feature planned, we’ve decided to riff off of this one. We’d like to invite you to help us determine the #1 Douchiest law school.
This will not be based solely on our editorial discretion. We’re taking the top 16 law schools from U.S. News & World Report and putting them into brackets, ATL March Madness style. We’ll let you vote on which is douchiest.
Check out the brackets and vote on the first eight match-ups after the jump.

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