Empire State Building

  • The Empire State Building. Our collective middle finger to the freaking losers and idiots out there.


    Non-Sequiturs: 08.24.12.

    * Rush Limbaugh wonders if Obama is responsible for today’s violence at the Empire State Building. As usual, someone commits a crime, and Rush tries to find a black person to pin it on. [Politico]

    * Speaking of the shooting, this is the single best update in the history of updates. [Onion]

    * Here’s how the GOP is trying to work the voter fraud angle. [AlterNet]

    * If you are going to insult your clients, I believe the preferred nomenclature is “muppets” not “toothless cooties.” [Denver Westword]

    * Of COURSE porn is copyrightable. Jesus, it’s not like any bored housewife can do it, though I suppose it is fun when the try. [The Legal Satyricon]

    * What lawyers do in August. [Dealbreaker]

    * if you happen to be in Honolulu this Labor Day, first you should thank the God you pray to that you get to be in Honolulu. But then you might want to check this legal film series “The First Thing We Do, Let’s Film All The Lawyers.” It sounds pretty cool, and might be a nice break from relaxing in paradise. [Law In Film]

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