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Above the Law Judge of the Day: Deborah Tyner

deborah tyner judge.jpgOver at the WSJ Law Blog, they have a “Judge of the Day” feature (see, e.g., here). We like the idea so much that we’re going to start up our own version.
But as you’ll see from our choices, our “Judge of the Day” selection criteria are a bit different. Our inaugural ATL Judge of the Day is the Honorable Deborah Tyner, of the Oakland County Circuit Court. Here’s why she deserves this honor:

A suburban Detroit judge who was filmed shopping, working out at a gym and visiting a spa during repeated absences from the bench last winter says she will leave at year’s end.

WDIV-TV followed [Judge] Tyner for several weeks last winter and reported that she repeatedly left the courthouse at lunchtime and did not return to the bench. Tyner said then that she had done nothing wrong and was caught up with her cases.

Shopping excursions? Spa visits? Regular work-outs at the gym? This jurist has her priorities straight. She’s fabulous!
Quite frankly, we don’t understand the “scandal” here. If a judge gets her work done, why can’t she check out a little early, and treat herself to a hot stone massage?
Law clerks and law firm associates have to put in face time, sure. But judges? What’s the point of being on the bench if you can’t play hooky every now and then?
Mich. Judge to Leave the Bench [Associated Press]
Oakland Judge to Leave Bench [Detroit Free Press]

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