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A Little Fun With Philosophy

ludwig wittgenstein.jpgA lot of our humor is kinda juvenile. So now we’ll throw some erudition into the mix. Recently we learned of this fun fact:

A partner at a big New York law firm, a litigator, has the following quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein on his wall. “The world is all that is the case.”

Those of you who majored in philosophy should already be laughing.
For those of you who didn’t, here’s an explanation (which we provide at the risk of sounding pedantic):

In that context, it completely warps the meaning of the quote. Witty meant it as: “The world is composed of all facts.” To the litigator it meant: “The case is the entire world.”

The story actually came to us sans the identity of the litigator; we didn’t redact anything. If you know who it might be, feel free to drop us a line.

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