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Above the Law Hotties: Law School Deans

james dean.jpgSome time has passed since our last attempt to bring down western civilization — namely, our ERISA Hotties Contest. So it’s time for another legal professional beauty pageant.
Our latest competition is based on the suggestion of a helpful law professor reader. It’s a contest for the HOTTEST LAW SCHOOL DEAN in America.
Two notes on what we talk about when we talk about a law school “dean”:

1. The nominee must be a CURRENT dean. No former deans. (Sorry, Kathleen Sullivan and Tony Kronman — you both have great hair, but you’re ineligible.)

2. The nominee doesn’t have to be THE dean of the law school; assistant or associate deans, or deans with specific portfolios (e.g., admissions), can be nominated too. But they must have the word “dean” somewhere in their current title.

The nomination procedure will be pretty much the same as it was for our ERISA Hotties Contest. To nominate a dean, here’s what you must email us (subject line: LSD Hottie):

(1) the nominee’s name, title, and law school;

(2) a decent-sized, reasonably high-quality, digital photograph of the nominee (ideally a face pic); and

(3) a testimonial, in which you explain why this law school dean deserves to be named America’s hottest law school dean.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us which dean can “discipline” you anytime, and whose academic gown you’d like to peek under.
We’ll accept nominations until — eh, date to be determined (depending on the response rate). As always, tipsters and nominators will remain anonymous — unless you give away your identity in your testimonial. See, e.g., the Jennifer Stojak nomination.
To all who seek the title of America’s Hottest Law School Dean: GOOD LUCK!
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