ERISA Hotties: An Update

erisa lawyers.jpegOh ye of little faith! When we announced Above the Law’s ERISA Hotties contest, some of you expressed serious doubts. There was some skepticism, even snickering. Hot pension lawyers? How many of them could there be?
Truth be told, even we had some concern. It was reflected in the footnote to our original post:

We realize there is a distinct possibility that we will end up with zero nominees for this hotties contest. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

We’re pleased to report that, based on the nominees you have submitted to date, we already have enough entrants for a respectable contest. Should Karl Lindman and Natalia Vodianova be worried about their jobs? Not just yet. But we do think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by some of the field.
One request: Please send us more female nominees. Right now the male side of the field is much stronger, in both quality and quantity, than the female side. Men suck up a disproportionate award of the legal profession’s top honors (e.g., Supreme Court clerkships). Must they also dominate the ranks of America’s hottest pension lawyers?
And one piece of advice: Please try not to let your favorite ERISA hottie know that you’re nominating him or her. One very promising candidate had to be withdrawn after the nominator, under pressure from the nominee, withdrew the original nomination. So just let your favorite hottie be surprised by the honor. It’s more fun that way!
Note: While we will honor requests to withdraw nominations from the original nominators, we will not honor such requests from nominees themselves. The nominees themselves have no standing to challenge their inclusion. Also, we follow an “independent source” rule: if a nominee is withdrawn at Nominator A’s request, but then is nominated again by Nominator B, the nominee is placed back in the competition.
Okay, that’s enough for now. Many of you visit this site to avoid reading about boring technicalities, so we won’t make you do so here. Just send us more nominations for America’s hottest pension attorneys, by email (to tips AT abovethelaw DOT com, subject line: “ERISA Hottie”). Thanks in advance for your submissions!
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