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ERISA Hotties: Nominations Closed, Polls Open Soon

erisa lawyers.jpegApologies for the slow-ish pace of posting today. We’ve been a little distracted, having spent most of the morning scrutinizing photographs of ERISA attorneys. (Hey, it’s a living — and it sure beats document review.)
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted an ERISA hottie nomination. Even if weren’t able to respond to your email personally, due to the sheer volume of what we received, please know that we appreciate the time you took to select and rave about your favorite ERISA lawyer.
We’d also like to apologize to those of you who went to the trouble of nominating an ERISA hottie, but don’t see your nominee listed when the polls open. Our poll is limited to ten men and ten women. Because we received well over twenty nominations, we had to make some tough choices. Please don’t take it personally — such judgments are highly subjective. De gustibus non disputandum est.
Here’s where the contest currently stands. The nominations period is now closed. We accepted a few nominations that straggled in after yesterday’s 5 p.m. deadline, but we won’t accept any further submissions. The slates of nominees will appear shortly, either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. So check back soon!
Update: You can vote on the male nominees here, and the female nominees here. Enjoy!
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