Handicapping the Race to Partnership, Money

Handicapping the Race to Partnership: Tips, Please

horse race 2.gifPartnership. It’s the Holy Grail of private practice. It’s the brass ring for Biglaw attorneys (at least those who didn’t bail on the firm years ago). It’s the six- or seven-figure pot of gold at the end of a decade-long rainbow. And it’s something that lawyers talk about incessantly — who’s a lock, who’s DOA, and who’s in between.
Such gossip usually takes place in document-filled conference rooms, between bored associates speaking sotto voce, at some ungodly hour long after the powers-that-be have left the building. But we’re going to bring it out into the open and onto the internet, in this quasi-regular feature, Handicapping the Race to Partnership.
We’ll estimate the partnership chances of senior associates and counsels at some of the nation’s biggest and most prestigious firms — perhaps with a little fact-checking thrown in (our moles are everywhere). And yes, we will name names. We’ll talk about who’s been guaranteed partnership ever since she saved that billion-dollar deal from going south — and who’s never going to make it, despite his own ardent belief to the contrary, because everyone still remembers (and gossips about) his ill-fated romance with that busty paralegal.
So help us help you. Send us juicy tips about who will surely make partner — and who definitely won’t — at your firm. You know where to email us (subject line: “Race to Partnership”). Danke schön.

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