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Low-Hanging Fruit: Summer Associate Stories, Please

beach hammock Above the Law blog.JPGOkay, kids, it’s official. We’ve reached Labor Day weekend, and summer is pretty much over. Officially summer doesn’t end until next month (September 23, to be exact). But at law firms, the summer fun is done.
Summer associates are heading back to law school (if they’re not back already). For permanent associates, who got to tag along on lavish meals with the summers, the conventional wisdom is back in force: there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
To commemorate the change of the season in the world of Biglaw, we’d like to bring you stories of some of the most stupid, funny, or embarrassing things that summer associates did while at your law firm this summer. As usual, we need your help. Please send us such tales by email, to tips(AT) (subject line: “Summer Associate Stories”).
Please send us stories from this summer. We know all about the summer associate stories from years past, the ones that have become the stuff of legend. Like the Sullivan & Cromwell summer who got rip-roaringly drunk and started hitting on the hiring partner’s wife, before puking his guts out all over the restaurant. Or the summer who, without authorization, blew his firm’s cash on round-trip business class travel to London (and a pair of snazzy sunglasses). Or the summer caught having sex with his girlfriend late at night in the ladies’ bathroom. (That guy probably got an offer — the partners love it if you can satisfy all your needs without leaving the building.)
So send us your craziest summer associate stories. We’ll read through your submissions, pick out the best ones, and share them in these pages. If we get enough good ones, maybe we’ll even have a contest in which you can vote on your favorites.
It’s the Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend. What the heck are we still doing here?

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