Christopher Slowik, Gay, Job Searches, Non-Sequiturs

Non-Sequiturs: 09.14.06

concealer.jpg* It’s a gay, gay, gay, gay world. [Althouse]
* But David Bernstein still doesn’t appreciate the importance of perfectly-matched concealer. [Volokh Conspiracy]
* Maybe the contributors to this new blawg can enlighten him. [Consumer Law & Policy Blog via PrawfsBlawg]
* Without lawyers, who would be in charge of knowing random s***? [Concurring Opinions]
* Like, say, the legal rules about shouting “fire” in a crowded theater? Maybe this book can tell us. [Crescat Sententia]
* Remember Christopher Slowik, the 37-year-old Brooklyn Law grad whose job search was depressing us? Well, things have taken a happier turn for him. [Wall Street Journal via WSJ Law Blog]
* VC commenters are THE BEST. [Volokh Conspiracy]

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