Non-Sequiturs: 09.18.06

bob dylan.jpg* The lyrics of Bob Dylan are the most frequently cited song lyrics in law review articles and judicial opinions. [Volokh Conspiracy; Insert Song Lyrics Here (pdf)]
* The tabloids and celebrity weeklies are all over the mysterious death of Daniel Smith, the 20-year-old son of successful SCOTUS litigant Anna Nicole Smith. [Gawker; Gawker]
* Bowers v. Hardwick may be history; but Atlanta Attorney General Mike Bowers is still racking up accolades. [Queerty]
* Transactional types: You may be interested in the list of the top 50 investment banks. [DealBreaker]
* For any of you who read the (often hilarious) message boards at AutoAdmit — aka xoxohth — please be advised that the person using the handle “David Lat” is not actually us. [AutoAdmit]

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