Outstanding Discovery Requests

please help.gifHere at Above the Law, we rely heavily upon you, our loyal and ever-helpful readers, for juicy tips. And you’ve been great on a number of fronts. To name a few: nominations of ERISA hotties, salary information for Skaddenfreude, and legal celebrity sightings for Eyes of the Law.
But here are two outstanding discovery requests, to which you have not responded in sufficient numbers:

Fun With Internal Memos: Submissions, Please

Low-Hanging Fruit: Summer Associate Stories, Please

These could both be really great feature stories for ATL. But we can’t write them without any raw material.* So please, give us a hand!
You can send us gossip and info by email, to tips AT abovethelaw DOT com, with a subject line identifying the topic of your email. We may write about or quote directly from what you send us, but we’ll keep your identity as our source confidential (unless you request a shout-out). As always, thanks!
* Okay, we could just make stuff up — which we do on occasion around here. But we’d like to avoid that if we can.

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