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ATL Caption Contest

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“We’ve voted to deny the petition for a writ of mandamus. NOW can we have our milk and cookies?”
We had a delightful time this past weekend in Portland, Oregon, where we attended Ninth Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain’s law clerk reunion, in celebration of his 20th anniversary on the bench. We’ll be blogging about the festivities — and posting photographs from them — over the next few days.
We’ll kick things off with this photo of us (see below), which taken in the library of Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse. As you might have guessed, our provocative pose is an homage to America’s hottest ERISA lawyer, Professor Bruce Wolk.
Please enter suggested captions in the comments. We’ll declare a “winner” of the contest, and highlight other personal favorites, later today (or tomorrow, or whenever we get around to it).
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