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ATL Week in Review: October 1, 2006

patricia dunn pattie dunn pat dunn jeanine pirro.JPG* Howard K. Stern, attorney to Anna Nicole Smith, ‘fesses up to servicing his client — in more ways than one.
* The HP leak investigation disaster gets worse and worse, with each passing bad hair day for Patricia Dunn.
* This IS America, people — where the rich get richer. And put their $30 million mansions up for sale.
* Move over, Charlie’s Angels. The women of NSD are in the house!
* Some high-profile Yale Law professors are thinking about leaving New Haven. Yes, the pizza’s tasty; but we can’t say we blame them.
(Feel free to debate Sally’s vs. Pepe’s in the comments. We’re slightly partial to Pepe’s, due to the heavenly white clam pizza.)
* Trivia about New Haven pizza establishments is just the kind of thing you’d expect to find on Judge Danny Boggs’s clerkship application trivia quiz.
* We took off on Friday for Portland, Oregon — from where we’re currently blogging, before hopping on the red-eye — to attend a fabulous judicial celebration. Last month, Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain celebrated twenty years of service on the Ninth Circuit. Congratulations, Judge O’Scannlain!
* But we left you in good hands during our absence. Our deepest gratitude to Ted Frank for keeping you so entertained while we were gone!
(For the record, and because we’ve received some “get well soon” emails, Ted’s quip about our Thailand hospital visit was a joke. As you can see, we are in decent health (and hopefully will stay that way). But if you happen to be in the market for elective surgery — although not of the gender-bending kind — we recommend these fine doctors. Be sure to ask for the special ATL Reader Discount!)

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