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Because Canada Is Suffering from a Pervert Shortage

canada canadian flag.gifWe’re all in favor of innovation in criminal sentencing. But this struck us as a little weird:

After a judge convicted him of sexually abusing a 15-year-old student, teacher Malcolm Watson was offered two punishment options: an American jail cell or exile to Canada.

Mr. Watson chose Canada.

The unusual sentence, which has immigration lawyers questioning its legality, means that Mr. Watson, 35, must stay out of the United States for the next three years. A U.S. citizen who taught at the elite Buffalo Seminary girls’ school, he has a Canadian wife and family.

They send us oil, maple syrup, and Alanis Morissette; we send them child molesters. Fair trade at its finest. Yay NAFTA!
Some of you might say that Watson is getting off — hehe — a bit easy. We see your point. After all, Canada boasts the world’s largest shopping mall. And the West Edmonton Mall is surely high on the sightseeing list of an aficionado of fifteen-year-old girls.
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