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Bert Fields: Out of the Woods?

bertram fields bert fields bertram h fields bert h fields.jpgHollywood superlawyer Bert Fields, known for being colorful and combative, may be in deep trouble in the Anthony Pellicano case. From the New York Times:

Prosecutors have called at least 10 members of a top Century City law firm before a federal grand jury in recent weeks in what defense lawyers say is a last-ditch effort to connect Bertram H. Fields, the Hollywood superlawyer, to the sprawling wiretapping and conspiracy case against his favorite private eye, Anthony Pellicano [indicted on wiretapping charges earlier this year].

Or maybe Bert Fields is in the clear? From Hollywood insider Nikki Finke’s website, Deadline Hollywood Daily:

Hollywood superlawyer Bert Fields is virtually free and clear of almost every aspect of the Pellicano case, including the wiretapping and conspiracy accusations which federal prosecutors have been pursuing against thug P.I. Anthony Pellicano. “This is done and over,” sources told me today. Big, BIG news, and it comes despite prosecutors calling at least 10 members of his Century City law firm Greenberg Glusker before a federal grand jury in recent weeks….

While it’s true that the statutes of limitations have not yet lapsed on all potential charges against Fields, I’m told almost every one has already run out, and all concerning the big issues. Meanwhile, for “months and months” now, the feds have stopped asking Fields for any more extensions. He was even able to take his grand chateau vacation in central France during the summer.

This reminds us a lot of the flurry of speculation surrounding Karl Rove’s fifth and final grand jury appearance. Some viewed it as the precursor to indictment, while others viewed it as the exact opposite: a tying up of loose ends before exoneration (which is ultimately what happened).
Just as in the Rove case, there’s not much point in speculating. Let’s just wait and see what happens. Preferably while hanging out in a chateau in France.
Lawyers Called to Grand Jury in Pellicano Wiretap Case [New York Times]
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