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Canada to U.S.: Please Send Your Pervs to Mexico

canada canadian flag.gifOkay, they didn’t quite say that. But they might as well have. A quick update on a story we previously wrote about:

An American schoolteacher sentenced to three years’ probation — to be served in Canada — [was] detained at the border, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has confirmed.

Malcolm Watson, who was convicted of a minor sexual offence concerning a 15-year-old girl, was arrested by Canadian border guards while returning from a court appearance Thursday in Buffalo, N.Y.

“We don’t want to see Canada become a haven for pedophiles or anyone else committing a serious crime,” Day said outside the House of Commons.

Ooooh, Canada’s going to get tough on Malcom Watson. Maybe they’ll take away his free health care!
Of course, it didn’t take long for Watson to get off:

An Immigration Review Board official [on Friday] freed Mr. Watson on a $5,000 bond, saying he poses little danger to Canadian society. The 35-year-old, earlier convicted of minor sexual offences in Buffalo and allowed to serve his three-year probation in Canada, is required to reside with his Canadian wife and children in their St. Catharines, Ont., home.

Canadian officials will try to get him shipped out of the country, but it may be an uphill battle:

[I]f a [Canadian] resident [like Watson] is convicted of a crime outside the country, the government must find an equivalent offence under Canadian law, according to Toronto immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman. That could prove tricky in Mr. Watson’s case, because his crime involved his relationship with a 15-year-old girl, and the age of consent in Canada is 14.

Only fourteen? Forum-shopping child molesters, nota bene.
Canada, stop fighting this; you know you want it. And if you’re really well-behaved, we’ll send you Mark Foley after he gets out of reheab.
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