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Coming Soon: Intergalactic Immigration Practice

glacier.jpgThe Legal Reader brings us the interesting news that various California law firms are forming “Global Warming Practice Groups”:

Soon after California Attorney General Bill Lockyer announced he was suing carmakers over vehicle pollution, and the state passed a new law to limit greenhouse gas emissions, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman announced it was putting together a new climate change and sustainability practice group. And Morrison & Foerster announced an event to discuss the new Global Warming Solutions Act. . . .

[N]either Pillsbury nor MoFo has hired anyone for the new climate groups. But both are earnest about what they call a burgeoning new area and say they’re anticipating client needs by connecting previously disparate disciplines.

Sounds like some people have watched An Inconvenient Truth a few too many times.
Seriously speaking, we are not questioning the reality or the science of global warming (since we disclaim any knowledge of science). All we are saying is that (1) given the pace at which global warming would be taking place, it’s perhaps a little premature to be forming practice groups around it; and (2) if global warming is in fact taking place at a super-rapid pace, we should be more concerned about the survival of the human race than about its legal ramifications.
This pretty much sums up our view:

“People tend to get ahead of themselves, seeing the next arena,” [environmental lawyer Joseph Armao] said. “Heller Ehrman will be the first to form a group — we’ll call it the global warming cooling-off group — if the state of California continues to file lawsuits along the lines of Lockyer’s misguided lawsuit.”

As Climate Changes, Large Firms Look at Global-Warming Practice Areas [The Recorder via The Legal Reader]
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