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Correction: Those Breasts Are Made of Wood, Dammit

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Saline? Silicone? Bronze? Or none of the above?
In response to this post from yesterday, we received the following emaill:

I think you’ve misrepresented the caryatids in the foyer of the Pioneer Courthouse — I believe they’re cedar rather than bronze.

Frequently we just correct errors within the original post (so please refresh your browser right before emailing us about a typo or other mistake). But we felt this correction was worth highlighting given the importance of the subject matter.
In addition, we learned a new word from this email: caryatid. From context, we guessed that “caryatids” was a highfalutin term for “tits.”
But we were wrong. It’s actually an architectural term referring to “[a] supporting column sculptured in the form of a draped female figure.” How about that? A nice bit of trivia, sure to make it into a future Judge Boggs clerkship application quiz.
A challenge for the bored: Work “caryatid” into your next conference call.
(About to chastise us for not relying upon the Oxford English Dictionary? Please buy us an online subscription to the OED before lodging your complaint. Thank you.)
Caryatid [The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language]
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