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Didn’t Get a Biglaw Job? Blame Canada!

canada canadian flag.gifWe’ll probably get some nasty comments from patriotic Canucks for this post. But it would be blogger malpractice to forego an opportunity to make fun of our neighbor to the north.
From the National Law Journal:

Many of the top [U.S. law] firms are increasingly relying on law schools in Canada to provide them with the fresh talent they need in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, general corporate work and more.

The strategy appears to be a good fit between Canadian students who want a hand in the big deals — and the big salaries — that big U.S. law firms can provide, and hiring partners seeking associates who possess an international edge.

“An international edge”? Because they pronounce “about” as uh-BOOT, and end every other sentence with “eh”?
(Okay, fine, the Québécois are kinda international. Kinda.)
As President Bush likes to say, Mexicans “come here and do jobs Americans won’t do.” Meanwhile, Canadians come here and do jobs that Americans are lining up to do — but might not do if they knew more about them going in.
P.S. An interesting tidbit from the article: “[T]he feeling among Canadian students is that a job with a top U.S. firm is second only to a clerkship with a justice for the Supreme Court of Canada.” So Supreme Court clerks are venerated up there, too.
U.S. Firms Look to Canada for Talent [National Law Journal]

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