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help wanted 4.jpgWe were originally going to these comments in the comments. But we found ourselves going on for a while, so we figured we might as well do a post on it — and have it count towards our daily postcount quota target.
To Anonymous 1:05 PM: Doing your own blog and spending half an hour a day writing for ATL aren’t mutually exclusive. Why not do your own blog, then link frequently to it in Non-Sequiturs? That way you’d have thousands of people reading you instead of just a few dozen (if you’re lucky; many personal blogs have fewer than 50 readers).
Also, remember that Morning Docket and Non-Sequiturs will carry your byline. Unlike many blogs, where interns do the drafting but don’t get writing credit, the MD and NS posts will be signed by you. Everyone will know they’re being entertained by your brillant wit. (Note: If you prefer to write under a pseudonym, though, we’re happy to accommodate you.)
To Anon 1:49 AM: The ATL postcount quota target is 10-12 posts a day; lately we’ve been falling short. If we had some assistance, then we’d be able to hit that target consistently. We could also do longer and more in-depth pieces, which we rarely get the chance to do these days.
There’s tons of legal news that we just never cover because of a lack of time. There are many fun and interesting stories that we miss, and lots of tips we never follow up on, because we’re running this blog all by ourselves. (At our former home, we had the help of a co-blogger, three interns, and a freelance photographer.)
Don’t get us wrong, this job is great fun — the most enjoyable job we’ve ever had. But if you think it’s not time-consuming, think again. It’s tons of work to (1) keep up with all of the reading (newspapers, legal newspapers, other blogs); (2) maintain email correspondence with readers, tipsters, and fellow bloggers; and (3) crank out 10-12 posts a day (some of which are supposed to be funny).
So please, consider applying to write either Non-Sequiturs or Morning Docket. Help put the “we” in “we” here at Above the Law!
Application details appear here (for Morning Docket) and here (for Non-Sequiturs) Please submit your materials before Friday, October 6, at 5 p.m. Thanks!

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