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Justice Alito’s Clerks: Tidbits, Please

samuel alito jr samuel a alito jr justice alito.jpgReaders, thanks for the reminder. It’s time for us to start up our series of profiles of this year’s crop of Supreme Court clerks (the October Term 2006 law clerks, currently clerking at the Court).
We’ll still go chambers by chambers, as we did before. But this time we’ll start with the most junior justice, and work our way up the ladder. So we’ll start by profiling Justice Samuel Alito’s clerks, then move through the justices by seniority, concluding with Chief Justice John Roberts’s clerks.
To prepare these profiles of the Elect, we’ll need your help. Please send us interesting tidbits, fun facts, or amusing anecdotes about the current SCOTUS clerks that you know. We’ll start with the Alito clerks:

1. Michael S. Lee (BYU ’97/Benson/Alito)

2. Christopher J. Paolella (Harvard ’99/Alito)

3. Matthew A. Schwartz (Columbia ’03/Alito)

4. Gordon D. Todd (UVA ’00/Beam)

Would you happen to know one of these fine gents and have some information to share about them? Please contact us by email. Please be sure to include the clerk’s full name somewhere in your message, preferably in the subject line (because we often locate messages relevant to writing a specific post by running searches for specific terms in our inbox). Thanks!
A Law Clerk Hiring Update: Alito’s Kids [UTR]michael lee mike lee christopher paolella chris paolella matthew schwartz matt schwartz gordon todd.JPG

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