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Lady and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Wedding Photos That Rock

“Okay, Judge Bork. Smile and say ‘The Original Understanding’!!!”

(Also: Is that Harvard Law prof Laurence Tribe standing behind Robert Bork, or just someone who looks a lot like him?)

Earlier this week, we gave you a detailed report about the fabulous nuptials of Ted Olson — the winning lawyer in Bush v. Gore, former Solicitor General, and current Gibson Dunn partner — and his beautiful and brilliant bride, Lady Booth.* The Olson wedding was attended by the crème de la crème of D.C. and conservative legal circles.

Now we have an update to our prior coverage, an ATL exclusive: WEDDING PICTURES!!! And they’re not boring, like the ones your college roommate makes you look at every time you visit her house. Did Justice Sandra Day O’Connor attend your college roommate’s wedding?

Check out the pics — there are just a few of them, it won’t take you long — after the jump.

Center foreground: Ninth Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain and his well-dressed wife, Mrs. Maura O’Scannlain.

Seated to the O’Scannlains’ right: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and her husband, John O’Connor (upon information and belief). WOW!!!

The lovely bride, Lady Booth, being escorted down the aisle. Check out the meticulous beadwork on the bodice of her gorgeous gown.

Ted Olson described Lady Booth to the Washington Post as “a Southern girl” and “just a marvelous person.” Like her husband, she’s also an attorney — specifically, a tax lawyer.

(We’re guessing that the gentleman escorting Lady down the aisle is her father. He looks like a cross between Richard Gere and Ben Stein.)

The black-robe-clad figure is Judge Laurence Silberman, of the D.C. Circuit. Judge Silberman, a longtime friend of Ted Olson — and Olson’s late wife, conservative commentator Barbara Olson — officiated at the wedding.

(We don’t know who the Margaret Thatcher doppelganger in the floral print dress is, but feel free to enlighten us, by email or in the comments.)

This photograph highlights Lady Booth’s stunning figure and cascading golden tresses.

The wedding featured more rose petals than were used in the filming of American Beauty and Coming to America — COMBINED.

The happy couple, making their exit. They are honeymooning in Hawaii. ALOHA!!!

Update: Please click here for various updates, corrections, and clarifications to the foregoing discussion. Thanks!

* “Lady” is her given name, not a title. See here.

Napa Nuptials for Olson and His Lady [Washington Post]

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